40 Stories Leadership Team

Peter Walker – Aboriginal Christian Elder

Pastor-Peter-WalkerPeter has been involved in ministry for the past 37 years and was a Pastor with the Redfern Indigenous Church for 10 years.

He is the founder of ‘Australian Indigenous Christian Ministries Ltd’, which licenses and ordains men and women into ministry, conducts leadership training seminars and workshops, evangelism, church management, family counseling and drugs and alcohol awareness counseling skills. He is also the founder of ‘Praise Corroborree’ and the ‘National Synergy of Prayer Network’. Peter is an active member of the Australian Pentecostal Ministers’ Fellowship and a member of The Christian Democratic Party.

Peter and Maria have been married for 49 years and have four daughters.

Roy Funu – South Pacific Christian Elder

Roy is a Solomon Islander missionary serving God in Australia for 26 years. He established an ‘IHOP-Linking the Islands’ as a Prayer-Hub for the five Melanesian nations namely; Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu to partner with the two bigger nations Australia & New Zealand. Roy hopes to establish and launch national Houses of Prayer in each of those nations. ‘Solomon Islands House of Prayer’ was the first one launched in July 2013 in Honiara. Roy is now researching into establishing a ‘Melanesian Centre for World Missions’ in Brisbane.

Warwick Vincent

Warwick-VincentWarwick Vincent lives in Boronia with his wife Kathy, and 3 teenage sons. A trained high school teacher, he spent 11 years training and mentoring youth pastors nationally. Warwick has been making films for 12 years for mission organisations around Australia. He also loves to make films that share the stories that are written in people’s lives, especially revealing the character and activity of God. Recently, Warwick partnered on a feature-length documentary on the life of God Squad’s John Smith. Warwick also produced 25 of the ’40 Stories’ films of Indigenous Christians, in 2016. Since 2013, He has enjoyed teaching film-making and discipleship at Nungalinya College, NT, with Aboriginal adults from remote communities.

Kevin Dhayngapitha Gondarra

Kevin-Dhayngapitha-GondarraKevin is from Milingimbi, NT, a remote community approximately 440 km east of Darwin off the coast of Arnhem Land. Kevin is a skilled football player (AFL), works part time, and is also committed to his local church. In 2013, Kevin attended Nungalinya College, Darwin, to study Media & Discipleship. He enjoyed learning basic filming, interviewing and editing techniques, and has been using his skills and equipment in his community. This year, Kevin is continuing further studies at Nungalinya College. He is very happy to be involved in the filming and interviewing of Aboriginal Christian leaders from other communities, with the 40 Stories project, assisting his media teacher, Warwick Vincent.

Sara Coen

Sara-CoenSara loves people and has a gift for revealing and nurturing the true story inside their hearts. She has a background in Professional Writing, Marketing, Corporate Communications and Public Relations and through her work has been privileged to meet, interview and profile a wide range of people, including well-known athletes, academics and authors. Sara is passionate about reflecting God’s goodness through the stories that she writes. A trained primary school teacher, Sara is actively involved in children’s ministry at her local church. She has also been involved in outreach programs to children and families from disadvantaged and refugee backgrounds.

David Jack

David-JackAfter completing a degree in graphic arts and illustration at the Caulfield Institute of Technology, David co-founded Melbourne Mural Studio in 1989 and has worked for many years to provide mosaic artwork and painted murals to clients throughout Australia. David has also been very involved in all aspects of video production over the last 12 years. He specialises in conference coverage across Australia and documentary work, recently assisting the completion of the Humble Hope documentary.

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