William Towns


Name: William (Bill) Towns
Occupation: Plant Operator
Place of Residence: Cargo, NSW
Tribe/Language: Kamilaroi people

After living an alcoholic lifestyle for many years, Bill Towns, 57, was miraculously set free in 1998 when he walked into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

“The peace in that room took my breath away,” he said.  “I haven’t had a drink since, which is quite extraordinary. I went home a different man that day, but I still had many, many issues to deal with.”

Bill was born in Pilliga in New South Wales. He is a descendant of the Kamilaroi Indigenous Australian tribe. He is married with two children.

“As I went through life, I’ve built my relationship with the Lord. He has been so patient, gracious and kind to shape me into what I’ve become. He has restored my family, He has restored my children and He’s still restoring me,” said Bill.

A God-inspired horse ride across Australia from Geraldton to Moruya has been an integral part of his Bill’s personal journey of healing and restoration.

“I believe that He was healing me from the inside out. That whole journey He was fathering me and I was growing and growing. He was removing all my shame, all my grief, all my guilt, and all my sins. He said, ‘Bill, you’ve got to get this, because when you get this, you can give it. When you get this, other people will get it, the nation will get it.’

“Every step I took, everywhere I went, Jesus had an answer so I knew I was on the right track. It was tough and it was hard, but He said to me, ‘If you do it in the flesh, I’ll do it in the Spirit. It’s not by might, it’s by His Spirit and truth.’

“Jesus knows you. He knows all your ups and downs. He’ll set you free from what your mind does to you and how you feel about yourself. He’ll show you who you really are. He’ll show you how remarkable you are. He’ll show you how exquisite you are. He’ll set you free so much that you’ll want to fly.

“There’s still things in Bill that have to get put right. There’s still a lot of work to be done but there’s something about us all as Aussies uniting and laying down our weapons, laying down our belief systems, laying down everything we think we know about God because we don’t know anything,” said Bill.

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