William Dumas


Name: Ps William Dumas
Occupation: Minister at Ganggalah
Place of Residence: Tweed Heads, NSW
Tribe/Language: Biripi

Ps William Dumas first became a Christian in Long Bay Prison at age 19. “I met a Christian in there, and I couldn’t run away because I was locked up with him. He just started preaching to me. He just kept on telling me about God,” said William.

William has now been ministering the Gospel for more than 27 years. He is married to the first female Indigenous pastor to be ordained in NSW through Australian Christian Churches, Ps Sandra Dumas. They have 6 children and 9 grandchildren.

“I opened my heart to Jesus and that very moment when Christ became my Lord and Saviour. Drugs, alcohol, everything just began to be totally cut off from my life. When I got saved, God just began to give me purpose,” said William.

“The Holy Spirit began to teach me and educate me and I began to have this hunger to learn and have knowledge. When I was in high school, I only went as far as eighth class. From where I come from and where I am today, it’s all because of the power of Jesus,” he said.

In 2007 William and Sandra pioneered Ganggalah Training Centre with a vision to see Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians raised up as influential leaders empowered by God. Ganggalah is Bundjulung word, which means a place of learning and wisdom. Over the past 8 years the centre has trained and equipped more than 170 students from across Australia.

“It’s a real great privilege to see what the Lord can do to young people’s lives and to see how He can transform their hearts,” said William.

“I love Jesus and how He can touch people’s lives. A person without Jesus is like a dark house. When the Holy Spirit comes, He just lifts those shades up, and light starts to appear. Jesus walks in and brightens every little corner, every little area of a person’s life. Before you know it, the person walks away changed. Changed by the power of Jesus.”

William is a Biripi man. He grew up on Biripi country in the Taree and Port Macquarie regions of New South Wales.

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