Wesley Stubbings


Name: Ps Wesley Stubbings
Occupation: Homeless Worker and Assistant Pastor
Place of Residence: Townsville, QLD
Tribe/Language: Darug, Gundungurra (NSW)

Ps Wesley Stubbings, 30, has travelled to many countries sharing his testimony, preaching and inspiring others to reach the lost.

After a radical encounter with God in a jail cell at age 17, Wesley immediately began helping troubled youth on the street. “I’ve worked with guys trying to get them off the streets. A lot of them have drug addictions and stuff like that. I don’t see that as a career. I just see that as…I love helping people,” he said. Wesley has worked at a local homeless shelter for more than 10 years, and was named Queensland Volunteer of the Year in 2008 for his work with Indigenous youth.

Wesley’s father is part of the Stolen Generation. He grew up in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales until his people were rounded up and cleared out to make way for a V8 racetrack. Although inoperative, the racetrack still zigzags throughout the Blue Mountains today.

“My dad never really talked too much about being Indigenous. He wouldn’t tell me about his Indigenous identity and culture because he had been stripped of all that,” said Wesley. “I had a lot of identity issues as a kid. I was expelled from school and got into drugs and alcohol really heavily. I lived that life all my teenage years, until I had the encounter with God in jail.”

“It was rock bottom for me. I’m lying on this cold floor. I felt myself crying and calling out saying, ‘God, if you’re real, help me, change me, I need your help. I must’ve rolled onto my knees. God turned up that night. When I got let out I told the magistrate, ‘ I want to go out and help people.’ It was a miracle because she said, ‘We’re going to let you go, even though we shouldn’t. We’re going to give you a second chance because we think what you’re saying is genuine. We believe you.’

“I believe in Australia, God is really going to bring a transformation in the Church. He’s going to bring a transformation where the agenda will be about the lost, the agenda will be about the marketplace, the agenda will be about helping people,” said Wesley.

Wesley Stubbings is an assistant pastor at Townsville City Church in Townsville, Queensland, where he lives with his wife Jessica and son Rocco.

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