Sabteca “Tilly” Fejo


Name: Sabteca “Tilly” Fejo
Occupation: Student
Place of Residence: Innisfail, QLD
Tribe/Language: Bagirgabara people

An accomplished touch football player, Sabteca “Tilly” Fejo, 15, attributes her sporting success to God. “People say it’s just because I’m talented, but it’s He who has done this for me,” she said.

Tilly has an annual scholarship named in her honour, which is available to Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander high school students across Australia. The scholarship enables Tilly to travel to schools across the nation, talking to other students and inspiring them to become involved in sports and education.

Born and raised in Innisfail, Queensland, Tilly is a student at Radiant Life College and is the eldest grandaughter of its founders Ps Anthony and Ps Selina Edwards. Also a talented sportsperson, Tilly’s father was selected for the Australian Football League’s Brisbane Lions before she was born.

For Tilly, her grandparents’ church has always been a big part of her life. “It’s basically home to us. We know that if we need somewhere to go we can always come here and the door is always open,” she said.

“Some of my friends come from very broken homes. Every Sunday we have a barbeque, a touch football and a basketball game for any kid that wants to come. They don’t have to come to church, but we still invite them.They know they have a place to come.

“He knows my plan, He has got a destiny for me. I believe in Him over everything. I really love my sports, but I really like working with kids as well and inspiring them to chase their dreams.

“God is really working in people’s lives. He is not only looking over one nation, His Word is for every nation to hear. It’s our choice if we want to hear it. He can’t force you. It’s your choice if you want to hear. You need to listen as He is coming and there’s going to be a plan for everyone.”

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