Sharon Lowah


Name: Sharon Lowah
Occupation: Prophetic and Apostolic Ministry
Place of Residence: Alice Springs, NT
Tribe/Language: Eastern Arrernte, Luritja, Pitjantjatjara (Aboriginal) & Meriam Mer (Torres Strait)

Sherry Lowah comes from a long lineage of relatives who have had a significant voice in the nation of Australia. Her cousin, Eddy Mabo, was known for campaigning for Indigenous land rights and for his role in a landmark decision of the High Court of Australia that overturned the legal doctrine of terra nullius (“land belonging to nobody”), which characterised Australian law with regard to land and title.

Sherry is a niece of Harold Thomas Jr., who designed the Australian Indigenous flag and was officially recognised by the Federal Court in 1997 as the author of the flag. Sherry’s cousin, Bernard Namok Sr.,  designed the Torres Strait Islander Flag in 1992, which is an official Flag of Australia that represents Torres Strait Islander people. Sherry is a granddaughter of Charles Nelson Perkins, AO, commonly known as Charlie Perkins, who was an Indigenous Australian activist, soccer player and administrator.

“Our people are the voice of Australia. Indigenous and Torres Strait people in this nation are the voice of Australia. The now voice, the current voice, the prophetic voice for Australia because we are a prophetic people,” said Sherry.

“I truly believe that what the Lord is saying to this nation now and especially to the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people is that they need to rise up…really rise up and stand in the authority that God has given them as apostolic and prophetic leaders…and really become a voice for this nation.”

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