Sebastian Watson


Name: Sebastian Watson
Place of Residence: Yuendemu, NT
Tribe/Language: Warlpiri people

Family, friends, football and the nation of Australia are all extremely important to Sebastian Watson, 27. The only thing more important to him is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sebastian is a Warlpiri man from Yuendumu in the Northern Territory. Yuendumu is located northwest of Alice Springs and is home to largely Warlpiri and Anmatyerr Indigenous Australians. Sebastian and his wife Delvena have 3 daughters. He is also captain of the local Yuendumu Magpies football team.

Reaching for a Bible and spending quality time with his family is a typical start to the day for Sebastian, but life hasn’t always been so easy. Gambling, violence, alcohol and substance abuse were rampant in Yuendumu when he was growing up in the 90s.

“The community was torn apart and I, as a little boy, was thinking to myself, ‘Why are these things happening?’ But there were always people praying, praying, praying…God did move in and clean these bad things up, bit by bit. The darkest hours that we had in the past really pulled us down, but we rise back up. It’s the Lord that draws us back up to our two feet,” said Sebastian.

“God, the Father, He means a lot to us in the community. We have sing-alongs and services that preach the word of the Lord and the community listens to these messages. People are changing. Right now we need to lead our families to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord’s Spirit will teach them and bring them to Him.

“For us Aboriginal people, God has planned us to be here in Australia. We could travel the world, as it’s a free world, but we’re custodians and guardians of this land that God put us in. The Lord is the one that planned creation. Aboriginal people, we are formed from the dust and this dust that we are formed from is called Australia.”

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