Rodney Rivers


Name: Rodney Rivers
Occupation: Musician, Stockman, Translation work
Place of Residence: Perth, WA
Tribe/Language: Moola Bulla people, Gidja people, Gooniyandi people

Raised on Kimberley cattle country in Western Australia, Rodney Rivers, 68, is fluent in 4 Indigenous Australian languages. A talented musician and singer-songwriter, he has performed Australia-wide and has toured with Slim Dusty’s guitarist Barry Thornton.

Working as an ethnic and Indigenous translator for the Summer Institute of Linguists in Darwin, Rodney has been significantly involved in Scripture translation work for Australia’s first Kriol Bible translation, published by the Bible Society Australia.

Rodney Rivers is on the committee for A National Act of Recognition of the First Peoples of Australia and Torres Strait. A core action is to invite every Australian to gather at Botany Bay, NSW, to publicly denounce and declare unacceptable any false notion of “a land belonging to no one” that there may have been when taking possession of Australia. “We’re all going to go there and dig a grave and bury that lie of terra nullius and any personal hang ups people got and have a celebration. Black and white, let’s walk away from Botany Bay and rebuild this nation for the Lord Jesus Christ,” said Rodney.

“My passion for Australia is that one day I’d like to see the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. The Lord have me a vision back in the mid 1980s. He took me up to a different realm and showed me this global outpouring of the Holy Spirit that started here in Australia. There is a wave coming as well for the South Pacific Islands. My role as an Indigenous person is the prepare the way for what is coming.”

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