Robyn Beezley (Green)


Name: Ps Robyn Beezley (Green)
Occupation: Domestic Violence Counsellor, Preacher, Singer/Songwriter
Place of Residence: Tweed Heads, NSW
Tribe/Language: Yidingi, Malanbarra

Singer-songwriter Robyn Beezley (Green), 56, lives with her husband Anthony at Tweed Heads in New South Wales. Robyn was born and grew up in the Northern Territory and her ancestors are from the Yidinji and Malanbarra Indigenous Australian tribes of North Queensland.

A professional singer for more than 30 years, Robyn’s performances include singing I am Australian at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. Robyn has recorded 8 original albums.

At age 11 Robyn lost her eyesight and the use of her legs due to a kidney infection and was supernaturally healed. In the hospital she cried out, “God if you heal me, I’ll sing for you, I’ll travel for you, and I’ll tell people about you…I didn’t know if you were meant to bargain with God, but I was this desperate little girl,” said Robyn.

“I’m exhibit ‘A’ to the miraculous healing power of Jesus. I’ve seen many miracles. The days of miracles are not dead and gone. God wants to move powerfully in our nation and I believe we need to let him. These are the days of a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God across our nation.

“I believe we’re in a strategic time in God’s time clock. I believe revival is here. There’s a real call for unity in our nation like never, ever before. I believe our Indigenous people need to come to the forefront,” she said.

“I’ve just written a song for my new album, Consuming Fire. The first verse goes, ‘Lord, I pray for this nation, Lord I cry out, come heal this land. Let your people know that you are a holy God. You are powerful and majestic. You rule the world with justice, righteousness and wisdom. Restore and renew our mind, consume us now with holy fire.’ That’s my prayer for Australia.”

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