Randall Carew


Name: Randall Carew
Occupation: Songwriter, Musician
Place of Residence: Kewulyi, NT
Tribe/Language: Rembarrnga and Ngalakan people

When a music teacher once encouraged Randall Carew to go on Australian Idol, he said, “I don’t want to be an idol. Jesus is the one I worship.”

Despite being wheelchair-bound, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter has written and produced several albums and is highly sought after for live performances at events across the Northern Territory.

Randall is a descendant of the Rembarrnga and Ngalakan Indigenous Australian tribes. His home is Kewulyi; a small Indigenous community situated at Roper Valley in the Northern Territory.

Randall met Jesus at age 15. “There was an old man next door. He told me, ‘someone loves you. He lives above you, watching you, day and night.’ The old man was like an angel, encouraging me, telling me about Jesus,” said Randall.

“I decided to go and get baptised, and then He gave me a gift of playing music and writing songs. I didn’t know how to write songs. I never went to school. Jesus gave me an understanding about writing songs and playing music. I just kept doing it.

“The songs don’t come from me, they come from the Lord. The songs are about how great He is, how loving He is…that’s how He uses me to tell people out there about Him.”

When Randall was admitted to hospital with a life-threatening medical condition and placed on a life-support system, he experienced a vivid encounter with God.

“It was like a blackout. Suddenly I saw myself standing in my house, but it wasn’t my house, it was heaven. The floor was like a mirror, I saw myself. I was there. I was walking. I walked to the end of the kitchen and as soon as I entered it, I saw Him there. He said, ‘Hello.’ Hello Randall?’ I didn’t say a word. I was amazed. He said, ‘I’ll give you my love so that you can go back and share it.’ I saw God. He had a shiny face. His voice was flowing. I can’t describe…He was amazing. He sent me away and He said, ‘don’t worry… I’ll be coming back for you, and for the world.’”

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