Racheal Kendino


Name: Racheal Kendino
Occupation: School Attendance and Assistance, Manyallaluk
Place of Residence: Manyallaluk Community, NT
Tribe/Language: Jawoyn people

Racheal Kendino, 51, lives at Manyallaluk; an Indigenous Australian community bordered by Arnhem Land, Nitmiluk National Park and Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

A leader at her local church, Racheal said that many families in the Manyallaluk community have turned to God. She recalls a time when nearly the entire community went down to the creek for a baptism. “A revival broke out,” she said.

Although she grew up with Christian parents, Racheal didn’t make a personal decision to follow Jesus until age 33. “I went through a lot of struggles in my life,” she said. “For instance, the drinking problem I had, they wanted me to go to a rehab centre…but I came to know the Lord and there was no turning back from there. Jesus can help.”

“Once I gave my life to the Lord everything changed. My kids started to come back home and there was restoration in my family. I want to serve Him more and more because of what He has done in my life. I never want to go back to the past,” said Racheal.

“Jesus has put forgiveness in my heart for Australia. One day I was praying to the Lord. I got up early in the morning. After my prayers I seen a black crow and a white cockatoo flying together. I felt that the Lord was showing me about unity.

“He showed me about forgiving others too and about what forgiveness brings to the family and churches. Jesus wants us to forgive other people, the ones that hurt us, and to forgive ourselves so we can see healing. Forgiveness starts with your heart.”

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