Peter Walker


Name: Ps Peter Walker
Occupation: Pastor
Place of Residence: Rooty Hill, NSW
Tribe/Language: Bunjulung people

When Ps Peter Walker, 70, and his wife Maria first moved to Sydney in 1981, their intention was to pay off the piece of land they’d bought and save for their children’s education. “But God had a plan for us spreading the Gospel and His kingdom; and I’m privileged to have been given the chance,” he said.

Peter and Maria have been married for 47 years and they have 4 daughters. Peter has been involved in ministry for more than 35 years and was Pastor at Redfern Indigenous Church for 10 years. He is Founder of Australian Indigenous Ministries (AIM) – an organisation with a mission to plant, partner and participate in Gospel ministry to Indigenous people. He is also Founder of Praise Corroboorree and the National Synergy of Prayer Network. He is an active member of the Australian Pentecostal Ministers’ Fellowship and a member of the Christian Democratic Party.

Peter is a descendant of the Bunjalung Indigenous Australian tribe. The Bundjalung people are the original custodians of the northern coastal areas of New South Wales, located approximately 500 kilometres northeast of Sydney.

Although he was raised in a Christian family, Peter drifted away from God at a young age and became addicted to alcohol. He recommitted his life to Christ at age 30. “I couldn’t give up alcohol on my own, I didn’t have the willpower. Then one day, God spoke to me. I allowed Him to come into my life. I wept. God healed me. Ever since then, I’ve seen the change. The Holy Spirit touched me so I’m ever grateful for His mercy,” said Peter.

“There’s a Scripture that says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Only His grace, God’s grace, that He gives us, brings us into fellowship with Him. Regardless of the sin or addiction that we have, He still loves us. That’s the tremendous reality,” he said.

“God’s grace is upon us as a nation. He has blessed us as a nation but Australia is losing that place of righteousness. Transformation has to take place in our nation. It has to happen, especially with the Indigenous people. We need to see ourselves as no longer slaves or rejects in society, but as accepted and the beloved.”

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