Pamela Sampson

Name: Pamela Sampson
Place of Residence: Alice Springs, NT
Tribe/Language: Warlpiri people

Pamela Sampson, 64, is a descendant of the Warlpiri people. The Warlpiri are a group of Indigenous Australians living mostly in towns and settlements scattered throughout their traditional land north and west of Alice Springs.

Pamela first encountered God in the visitors’ lounge in prison, where she met two Warlpiri-speaking Christian women who were there visiting another inmate. These women would regularly visit, encourage and pray with Pamela during her ten-year sentence. “They would talk about the Lord,” said Pamela. “They started making me think. I started thinking…tears were coming down. I said to them, ‘I might change my life through the Lord while I’m in prison.’”

“I got mixed up when I didn’t have the Lord with me. We used to go to the pub and I used to be the worst drinker. I used to just drink myself blind, didn’t have any life in me. I got myself into trouble and that’s when I went to jail,” she said.

Pamela spent her time in prison diligently studying the Bible and was baptised after her release. She then immediately began to pray for other people in hospitals and institutions across the Northern Territory.

“Jesus is the great healer. He is the Messiah, encouraging us, watching over us. He lives in our heart. He bless us, that’s what He do. He heal sick people when we pray. Jesus loves me,” said Pamela.

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