Nathan Seden


Name: Ps Nathan Seden
Occupation: Youth Pastor, Power of the Spirit Fellowship
Place of Residence: Cairns, QLD
Tribe/Language: Wuthati people, Argan people (Torres Strait)

It wasn’t until Ps Nathan Seden, 41, met his wife Makita, the youngest daughter of a pastor, that he first encountered God.  “When I was courting my wife, I’d drop her off at a reasonable time, trying to be respectful to her parents. Then I’d go and do my thing with all my mates. We’d party ‘til early hours of the morning,” said Nathan.

“Every night I’d be driving home and I’d get to the top of this hill. I’d take the CD out, which had my gangster rap music in it, and put on this Hillsong CD that my wife left in the car. By the time I’d pull up in the driveway at my house, I’d be in tears, just sobbing. I didn’t understand what was going on, but now I understand that God’s presence was just loving on me, and it really softened my heart in those early days,” he said.

Nathan became a Christian in late 2003. “It has been a marvellous journey since then. I knew what I’d encountered and I couldn’t deny it,” he said. “Automatically my drug and alcohol addiction left me. Not that I didn’t struggle with it, but I had no desire.”

“I’m a worshiper. I worship in my lounge room every day and I know it’s getting before God…in His presence that always leads me to repentance. No matter what I’m doing, how far I’ve gone, or whatever I’ve accomplished for God, I’ve always got to keep my heart right. That’s the key to seeing transformation in this city.”

Nathan and Makita received ministry training at Ganggalah Training Centre in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, and were ordained as pastors in 2010. They planted Mi5 Church in Tamworth in 2011. Nathan is Youth Pastor at Power of the Spirit Fellowship in Cairns, Queensland. Nathan and Makita have 5 children.

Nathan’s mother is a descendant of the Wuthati Indigenous Australian tribe from Shelburne Bay in Cape York, Queensland. His father is an Argan man from the Torres Strait Islands.

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