Luis West


Name: Luis West
Occupation: Student
Place of Residence: Darwin, NT
Tribe/Language: Torres Strait Islander, East Timorese

High school student Luis West, 17, has a passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus on the streets of Darwin and has seen many people healed and set free. It’s his favourite thing to do.

“I love reading the bible and going out to the markets to pray for people, to see miracles, to show people that He’s real,” said Luis.

“People think that Christianity is all about discipleship, it’s all about church, it’s all about community; but the truth is, it’s about knowing our identity in God. That’s what I would say to Australia, because that’s what set me free,” he said.

“This guy had a knee problem. We were praying and his knee just wouldn’t budge. It just wouldn’t get healed. I explained to him, ‘When Jesus died on the cross, He didn’t just die for your sins. He died for your sickness, your anxiety, your depression. All of it got nailed to the cross. That’s why your knee can be healed. As soon as he believed that, I could hear the knee clicking back into place. His knee got healed the moment he understood his identity.

“I have the full person of Jesus living inside of me. There’s no more praying to the ceiling because I know that God’s inside me. Todd White describes it very clearly. He says, ‘Jesus didn’t pay a price for us to go to heaven, he paid a price so that heaven could live inside us.'”

Luis’ parents are carers for 10 young Indigenous boys. His father is of Torres Strait Islander descent and his mother is East Timorese and from refugee background.

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