Kyle Slabb


Name: Kyle Slabb
Occupation: Cultural Education
Place of Residence: Fingal Head, NSW
Tribe/Language: Bundjalung people

A cultural education professional, Kyle Slabb, 41, is passionate about Indigenous youth and helping them to understand their cultural identity. “We take young fellas and young girls into the bush and we teach them about the land, about the country, and let them start to listen and hear how God speaks to them.” said Kyle.

Kyle is from the Bundjalung tribe who are the original custodians of the northern coastal areas of New South Wales, including Fingal Head where he has lived all his life.

“God speaks to us through the land. The old people, they told us, ‘don’t be frightened of the bush. The bush will look after you. Everything that you need is there. Provision for everything is there. There’s food, there’s shelter, there’s everything. God is in all of it,’” said Kyle.

“Sometimes the world is too fast, but I always take the time to listen to what God is speaking. These trees, and the wind, it’s all speaking to us. In Scripture it says that His voice is heard in the storm, His voice is heard in the ocean, His voice is heard in the wind. We need to take time to listen and to hear Him.

“Indigenous people, white people, all nations that are being called to this country, we all have a place around the fire. Listen to the old people of this country and you’ll start to understand the place where you fit in this big family around the fire.

“Always listen, always be watching. Open your ears and open your eyes. That ears be open, that eyes be open; that’s my prayer for Australia.”

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