Julieanne Ross

Name: Julieanne Ross
Place of Residence: Lajamanu, NT
Tribe/Language: Warlpiri

Since giving her heart to Jesus at age 19, Julieanne Ross, 43, has been passionate about sharing the Gospel with people in her local community.

She currently resides in Lajamanu, a small town in the Northern Territory located approximately 557 kilometres from Katherine and 890 kilometres from Darwin.

Julieanne is committed to developing intimacy with God through prayer, worship and Bible study. “I just go out into the bush, in a quiet place where there are no distractions, so I can just be with the Lord and pray. Sometimes when I’m walking around, I look at the skies and the trees and the ground and I think about the goodness of God…how He created all those things for us,” she said.

She has been fasting and praying to see God touch the hearts of the people of Australia.

“I’d like them to taste and see that the Lord is good,” said Julieanne. “Before I came to the Lord, I was hanging around with wrong friends and in the pubs. When I found Jesus, it was something different. It made me brand new. It changed my life.

“God just wants His people to return to Him. As we return to Him, we’ll see healing take place in this land. The Lord will do miracle healing in the land. It will be joyful and very exciting. People will be released from their bondages and start walking in the light instead of the darkness.”

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