Jessica Kruger

Name: Jessica Kruger
Occupation: Mother, Retail Assistant
Place of Residence: South Hedland, WA
Tribe/Language: Walmajarri people of the Central Kimberley

Jessica Kruger, 23, was born on Yakanarra; a small Indigenous community approximately 60 kilometres southwest of Fitzroy Crossing. She now lives in South Hedland, WA, with her husband James Kruger, 28, and their baby daughter.

When Jessica and James became Christians, things started falling into place for them. “Everything just started going really well for us and we realised that God was blessing us,” said Jessica.

“We got a place to stay and James got a job straight away. That was amazing because he was looking for a job for months and months…but when we started going to church we went to a prayer meeting one night…we prayed about him getting a job…and the week after he got a job.

“God is good all the time and He listens to His children when you ask Him in prayer for what you need,” said Jessica.

“I never had much love when I was growing up so when I met my husband I wanted all his attention and love. God showed me that I was the one that was supposed to be showing love. That was a big step for me because how I grew up was you don’t care about other people.

“The only one who can really show you love is God. In Australia, there are a lot of people who don’t know God.

“If you don’t know anything about God, the Bible says it all. I have read the Bible from beginning to end. That book was made ages ago and it’s talking about right now. All you have to do is pick it up and read it and you’ll find God. You’ll know there is a God that’s looking for you to come to Him.”

Jessica is a descendant of the Walmajarri people from the Central Kimberley region of Western Australia.

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