Jack Harradine


Name: Ps Jack Harradine
Occupation: Pastor (House of God Church), Evangelist
Place of Residence: Murrin Bridge Community, NSW
Tribe/Language: Narrunga people

Ps Jack Harradine, 59, and his wife, Lil, have been sharing Jesus across outback Australia as a team for more than 25 years.  Their most recent pitstop is Murrin Bridge Indigenous Community at Lake Cargelligo in New South Wales, where they have converted a ramshackle church building into a thriving ministry called House of God. They live onsite and the doors are open day and night to meet the community’s ministry needs.

“We don’t have the big fancy house…we got a couple of little rooms in there,” said Jack. “When people are feeling down and out they come in, they sit down, and they talk. No one comes here without hearing about Jesus, I’ll promise you that.”

Jack and Lil are the first people ever to live and minister full-time at Murrin Bridge Community. “There has never been anyone else,” said Jack. “We’re here purely and simply because God called us here. This is an appointment given by God so that we can see people’s lives changed. He has given us His ministry of reconciliation.

“You’ve got to sit with these guys. To them, life is absolutely black, absolutely dark, absolutely hopeless. There’s no light in their life, there’s nothing. They’re separated from Him because of their lifestyle, because of their sin. Does God give up on them? I don’t think so.” he said.

Jack and Lil grew up on Point Peace Aboriginal Mission in South Australia which was established in 1868 by the Moravian missionary Julius Khan. They became Christians more than 30 years ago at a rally initiated by the Affirmative Evangelism Fellowship (AEF). Jack trained as an Evangelist with Church Army Australia in the 1980s.

Ps Jack Harradine is a Narungga man. The Narungga people are a group of Indigenous Australians whose traditional lands are located on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

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