Hazel Morgan


Name: Auntie Hazel Morgan
Occupation: Nurse, Intercessor
Place of Residence: North Brisbane
Tribe/Language: Kunnundiri, Goonanderry

Intercessor and retired nurse Hazel Morgan, 76, was born on Cresswell Downs station in the Northern Territory. Her mother was a descendant of the Kunundiri Indigenous Australian tribe and her father was an Italian immigrant who died two weeks before Hazel was born.

After her father’s death, Hazel travelled with her mother and siblings to Croker Island Mission, which was established by the Methodist Overseas Mission in 1941. Croker Island is an island in the Arafura Sea off the coast of the Northern Territory, northwest of Darwin.

They travelled by truck and then by boat. “It was a hard journey for all the family on the rough road. There were no made roads, drinking or food facilities,” said Hazel.

Indigenous children from Darwin and Alice Springs were accommodated at Croker Island Mission until Darwin was bombed in February 1942 and they were evacuated to institutions in New South Wales. In 1946 the children returned to Croker Island. The Mission closed in 1968 and children were transferred to Somerville Cottage Homes in Darwin and to placements interstate.

Hazel’s memories of the missionaries on Croker Island are very happy ones. “We had basic Christian education all the time. It felt safe with the missionaries. I always had the concept that God was good. I believe that’s held me throughout my life…always knowing that He is a good God,” said Hazel.

“I don’t know what I want to ask God except let your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Mankind does not have the answer. We need a revival. That’s what I’m praying for the nation and what I want to see in the nation. It’s good to see so many ministries rising up in prayer and praying and fasting,” said Hazel.

Hazel Morgan currently lives in Brisbane, Queensland, with her husband John. She is involved with Elijah House Ministries, Australia.

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