Danny Jinderah

Name: Danny Jinderah
Place of Residence: Broome, WA
Tribe/Language: Yiyili people

Singer-songwriter Danny Jinderah was born at Yiyili; a small Indigenous community located 110 kilometres west of Halls Creek in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. He has 3 sons.

Growing up at Yiyili was tough for Danny. “That’s where I started drinking before I came to know Christ. When I was young…I used to fight all the time. I used to go to the pub, have a few beers, and start looking for a fight. As soon as I found Christ, I gave all that up,” he said.

Danny found Christ at age 18 in a little Church at Halls Creek. “I used to go to church and listen. They were all reading from the Bible and talking about Jesus. I was thinking to myself, ‘this must be a better way to go,'” he said.

“When I met Christ, He done a lot of changes in me. He took all my sin away and made me a new man. I’m a changed man now. Not like before. I was pretty rough, a rough kind of guy. But now, inside there, I’ve been cleaned. Cleaned by the blood of Jesus Christ.

“My family are still going the wrong way…I’ve got my 3 sons… they drink and fight. I try my best to talk to them, sit down and have a yarn with them. I tell them, ‘you still got a lot of life ahead of you…you’ve still got a chance…’

“I like following Christ. I just got to go one way. No turning back for me. I’m really happy. Being a Christian man, I love it. I’ve got a little block out of town. I just sit down, grab a guitar, and sing a few Gospel songs. I pray for my people back home.

“The song kind of goes like this, ‘He was walking on water. He lift you up and He take you. Here come Jesus. He was walking on water. He lift you up and He’ll take you home…’”

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