Colleen Skinner

Name: Colleen Skinner
Place of Residence: Looma, WA
Tribe/Language: Nykina people

Most evenings at dusk Colleen Skinner gathers with a group of other Christians beneath a cluster of trees in Looma in Western Australia to pray for Australia and for the needs of her local community. “There has been a big group gathering up. God is really working, little by little. We need to believe that Jesus will answer our prayers,” she said.

Colleen was born in Looma in Western Australia and has lived there ever since. As a Nykina woman, Colleen’s traditional lands are located throughout the West Kimberley region of Western Australia. She has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

Colleen grew up in a Christian home and dedicated her life to God at age 10. Her father was illiterate before he became a Christian and later became a pastor. “The Holy Spirit taught him to read and write. I’m blessed to serve a miracle-working God,” she said.

“Father God, we thank you. We pray for Australia today that, Lord, you bring people together all around Australia…that you bless them and comfort them, Lord. There are a lot of things happening that we don’t know about, Lord, but you know. Lord, show them how much you love them at this time, Father God. In Jesus’ wonderful, precious name, amen.”

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