Clyde Rigney


Name: Clyde Rigney
Occupation: Community Manager, Cultural Consultant
Place of Residence: Raukkan, SA
Tribe/Language: Ngarrandjeri

Clyde Rigney, 58, lives with his wife Rose at his birthplace, Raukkan; a small Indigenous community situated on the shore of Lake Alexandrina in South Australia.

Raukkan means “meeting place” in the Ngarrindjeri language and for thousands of years was an important meeting place for Ngarrindjeri clans.

Clyde is employed to coordinate Raukkan’s municipal services; including the school, training centre, clinic, café, youth and vacation care and housing program. He also works to establish and maintain partnerships with other Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, government and local industry.

“We have eighty per cent of our community involved in learning so we think of ourselves as a learning community,” said Clyde. “What I’m passionate about is that we actually help people to see that they can change their lives and also the lives of the next generation. God has a big part to play in changing lives.”

“I’m grateful for the unity that exists now in lots of the Indigenous communities. I think that we’re a lot stronger in our relationships across the state than we’ve ever been,” he said.

“As a nation that’s getting older, I think we have a responsibility to grow up. God asks us to love Him with all that we are, and then to love our neighbour like ourselves. I think it’s quite a simple process, if we’re willing. God can change our lives if we’re willing.”

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