Caleb Hayward

Name: Caleb Hayward
Occupation: Army Cadet
Place of Residence: Adelaide, SA
Tribe/Language: Noongar People

Australian Army Cadet Caleb Hayward has grown up surrounded by men of God. His grandfather, father and uncle are all Christian pastors. “It’s like a triangle of pastors around me,” said Caleb.

“Jesus builds a wall around you that strengthens you and gives you armour. He’s always there. He’s got your back. He just loves you,” he said.

Caleb is a descendant of the Noongar people; an Indigenous Australian tribe from the southwest corner of Western Australia, from Geraldton on the west coast to Esperance on the south coast.

He has been involved in children’s ministry and youth leadership at Aboriginal Berean Community Church in Queenstown, Adelaide, which was pioneered by his father, Ps Don Hayward. Caleb completed a traineeship with South Australia Police, leading to his current role as an Australian Army Cadet.

Caleb testified that the Bible has been a constant reference point for guidance and direction in his life. He said that reading the Bible helped him jump out of a hole of depression at a particularly low point in his life.

“No matter what happens just believe in the Lord. He has a plan for you. He has set a plan, even if you don’t think it’s the right plan. It’s surprising what He can do; and how many ways He can do it in. Just keep on believing in Him and you’ll succeed,” said Caleb.

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