Bill Rosas


Name: Bill Rosas
Occupation: Retired Pastor
Place of Residence: Katherine, NT
Tribe/Language: Tanna Island (Vanuatu), Tableland Yidinji people (Nth Qld), Filipino people

Although officially retired, Bill Rosas, 91, is not ready to stop making disciples of Jesus just yet. The former Pentecostal preacher lives with his family on a rural property just north of Katherine in the Northern Territory. He has 5 sons.

The power of God became evident to Bill at a young age when his bedridden grandmother, a devil-worshiper who was seriously ill and on the verge of death, was completely healed and transformed after being prayed for by Christian relatives.

“They prayed for her at about five o’clock in the afternoon and then went home,” said Bill. “Next morning, grandma was sitting up in the bunk just as though she’d never been sick in her life. Grandma got healed and everything just opened up for her. She lived for God. She lived only for God. I remember her praying in her broken English. She’d pray and pray and pray…” Bill’s grandmother ended up outliving his parents and two sister-in-laws.

Bill loves to tell people that Jesus saves. “I tell them it’s the easiest thing in the world to get saved…so easy,” he said. “I spoke to a lady the other day. I said, ‘It’s so easy to get saved…all you’ve got to do is believe…she gave her heart to the Lord. Praise God.’

“Yes. Even at my age…I can win souls. I can make disciples. When you go into a Church today, you’ll see them all sitting there. They’re supposed to be out there making disciples. That’s the last thing Jesus told them. The last message before He blast off. Make disciples for all nations.

“Don’t wait any longer. Get yourself right with God. Get yourself right. Get close and ask the Lord to sanctify you… body, soul and spirit. Get right with God. There’s only one flight out. No second flight.”

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