Barbara “Barbie” Lenoy


Name: Auntie Barbara “Barbie” Lenoy
Place of Residence: Palm Island
Tribe/Language: Woorabinda people of Central Queensland

Barbara “Barbie” Lenoy, 64, grew up on Woorabinda Aboriginal Community, Central Queensland. Woorabinda was first established in 1927, with land gazetted from the County of Waroona, as a replacement for the Taroom Aboriginal Settlement.

Barbie now lives on Great Palm Island, an Indigenous community located on the Great Barrier Reef, North Queensland. The settlement is known by a variety of names including The Mission, Palm Island Settlement, Palm Community and by its Indigenous name Bwgcolman.

For more than thirty years, Barbie and her then partner Peter lived an alcoholic lifestyle until Barbie became a Christian in 1999 at age 47. Barbie and Peter were married in 2001 and they lived happily together on Palm Island until Peter passed away in 2007.

Barbie said, “The Lord saved my life because if He didn’t find me I’d be still out there in the world drunk. But God, he has blessed me… I thank the Lord for Peter’s life too because he gave his heart to the Lord before he died.”

“People say to me, ‘Barbie, you still live down there by yourself?’ I say, ‘Yeah, why not? That’s my home. Why should I be frightened? I have the Lord Jesus. He looks after me. He keeps me safe.”

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