Anthony Edwards Jnr

Name: Anthony Edwards Jnr
Occupation: Chairperson, Radiant Life College
Place of Residence: Innisfail, QLD
Tribe/Language: Mamu people

Growing up in the rainforest region of Far North Queensland, Anthony Edwards has fond memories of pristine waters and beautiful landscapes, although his memories of school are not so enchanting. Frustrated by his inability to read and write, Anthony left school at the end of grade 10.

“We had a tremendous grandmother,” said Anthony. “I come to her when I dropped out of school and she said, ‘What’s the problem?’ I said, ‘I can’t read.’ She said, ‘We’re going to open up from Genesis 1 and you’re going to read the Word.’”

Anthony’s grandmother diligently took him through the Bible and within 6 months he could read. Although he didn’t understand it at the time, Anthony said that his experience of being able to read came through the Holy Spirit.

At age 18, Anthony’s life took a downward turn. He became heavily drug-addicted and was living with his current wife out of wedlock. It was at this this point that Anthony had a life-changing encounter with God. “It went from knowing what I thought church life was about to actually having a relationship with Jesus Christ. That was the big shift. That was the change that happened.”

Anthony said that he heard the audible voice of God and was given instructions to marry his wife Tiana. “God says, ‘you’re going to get married. She will bear your children and her womb will be so precious…I have put you together.’ I had $100. I went into town and bought about $80 worth of roses and a ring. We got married that night in front of the congregation.”

Anthony Edwards is from the Bagibara clan of the Mamu people. The Mamu are Indigenous Australians from the coastal and rainforest region of Far North Queensland. Anthony and his wife Tiana have 3 children.

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