Anderson George


Name: Anderson George
Occupation: Driver (Patient Transport)
Place of Residence: Beswick, NT
Tribe/Language: Wagilak and Ritarngu people

For Anderson George, 50, several significant encounters with God have profoundly impacted his life. “The first was in prison,” said Anderson. “I seen clearly Jesus Christ. I was in His country in the Middle East and He touched my shoulder. I felt Jesus’ hand. He touched me and He said, ‘Wake up Anderson. Wake up.’ I realised that He was telling me to wake up to myself, not to wake up and get out of bed. He was telling me to wake up and stop sinning.”

Anderson said that God healed him from addiction to cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol and petrol sniffing.

“God is a forgiving God and He’s a loving Father and that’s why He sent His son Jesus to die on the Cross for our sin. He’s a true healer. You can count on Him,” said Anderson.

Christians have consistently been placed in Anderson’s path throughout his life. “I thank God for my grandmother being a Christian and making a stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Even in prison, my cousin William, who is a Christian, came to visit me. I believe that Jesus used to come and visit me.

“No matter where you are. Even if you’re an alcoholic, people come across your life. It’s not a coincidence. God brought that person along,” he said.

It’s Anderson’s desire to be a role model for other Indigenous people struggling with addiction by telling them that Jesus is the Healer.


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