Ada Boland


Name: Ps Ada Boland
Occupation: School Counsellor
Place of Residence: Townsville, QLD
Tribe/Language: Kooma and Kamilaroi people

Ps Ada Boland grew up in a family of 8 children where alcohol abuse and domestic violence were commonplace. From a very young age she had a strong sense that something was missing in her life, until she had a life-changing encounter with God at age 14.

“There was this light coming into my bedroom. There were all these different colours of the rainbow, but the white really stood out. It was God. God actually spoke to me and He said, ‘Ada, I’m here. You were searching for me. You don’t have to be afraid. You’ve been looking for me. I’m here for you,’” said Ada.

“So many times we think we’ve got to reach out to God, but He has tried so many times to reach us, through His son Jesus. He came to us. He came looking for me because He saw a desire in my heart that I wanted to know if He was real. From there I had an overwhelming peace and fulfilment in my life,” she said.

Ada’s salvation was the catalyst for salvation, healing and deliverance throughout her entire family. “God turned up in our house. The influence of God grew in all of us. There was a domino effect. We had massive encounters with God and things happened in our lives that were just supernatural. All the anger, the bitterness, everything just replaced by His amazing love.”

Ps Ada Boland has pastored several churches throughout Queensland and has ministered globally in 12 different nations.  She has worked as a school counsellor with Indigenous youth for more than 15 years. Her father is a descendant of the Kooma people of St George in southwest Queensland and her mother is from the Kamilaroi clan in New South Wales.

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