Thank you for helping to promote the good news of Jesus by financially supporting the distribution and sharing of 40 stories of 40 Indigenous Christians.

All your donations are used for promoting the stories through social media, YouTube, DVD, USB and Micro SD cards. 50 advocates will bring the videos into schools, churches & community groups for outreach across Australia, in particular to remote communities. We also want to work with you, the Australian Church, to share these stories with your friends, family & colleagues. So let us know how we can support you too.

Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Please consider supporting this cause by giving generously today!


  1. Honouring, embracing and celebrating the life stories of Indigenous Australians;
  2. Praying with Indigenous Australians for Australia;
  3. Empowering, inspiring and encouraging Australians through storytelling & a message of hope;
  4. Equipping a team of 50 Indigenous advocates to promote and distribute the videos to remote areas of Australia;
  5. Promoting the videos to all Australians through television, online channels and social media;
  6. Informing and engaging the Australian Church to partner with what God is doing through Indigenous Christians;
  7. Contributing to healing and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians by nurturing hope and faith and love for all Australians.